Pressure Cooking Recipes

Pressure Cooker Cooking Times

You control the amount of pressure in a pressure cooker by adjusting the temperatire of the stove burner. Different pressure cooker brands and models have various ways of displaying what pressure is reached. You'll see low medium and high pressure in recipies, which correlates to about 5, 10 or 15 pounds of pressure at about 220, 235 or 250 degrees Farhenheight.

Low pressure is infrequently used for delicate fish and tender vegies. Medium pressure is sometimes used for steam pudding. High pressure is most common in recipies, and is recommended for most vegetables, beans, rice, pasta, meats, and dried vegies, fruits and mushrooms.

artichokes 10 - 14 minutes 40 - 45 minutes
beef stew 15 - 20 minutes 2 hours
beef stock 45 minutes 4 to 5 hours
black beans 10 - 12 minutes 2 1/2 hours
brown rice 20 -22 minutes 45 minutes
chicken stock 30 minutes 4 - 5 hours
pasta sauce 20 minutes 1 1/2 hours
white rice 5 minutes 15 - 25 minutes
whole new potatoes 5 - 6 minutes 25 - 30 minutes

tips for successful pressure cooking

  • Don't fill the cooker more than two-thirds full—or more than one-half full for rice and beans, which expand during cooking.
  • To speed the buildup of pressure, bring the liquid to a boil, stirring if necessary, before locking the lid on the pot.
  • Cooking times for similar foods can vary.
  • Very fresh vegetables will cook more quickly than those that are less fresh. Smaller pieces cook more quickly than larger ones. For example, a stew containing chunks of meat requires less time than a pot roast.
  • To make the most flavorful stock, begin with fresh cold water and add all the ingredients before heating the liquid.

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