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Presto Pressure Canner Parts

How to find your Presto Pressure Cooker/Canner Model Number
If you have a newer model you can usually find your model number on the bottom of the pressure cooker or canner body. It may also be etched into the pot beneath the body handle. If it's a very old model, the number can probably be found on a label attached to the top of the cover. Old units have model numbers like 40, 50, 204, 603, etc.

Newer models usually start with 01/ or 02/ followed by letters like PA or PC and more letters and/or numbers. The most recent styles always have seven digit (all numerical) model numbers starting with 01 or 02 (Example: 0136001).

Please Note - All Presto Pressure Cookers have the number 409A stamped on the bottom of the Canner, this is not the model number. It is a number used to indicate the product's listing by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Click on the Model Number of your Presto Pressure Canner for a Parts List.

If you are looking for a instruction book for a specific pressure Canner click on the model number and the instruction book will be listed with the other replacement Parts for your Canner.

Please note: All sealing rings are packed with overpressure plug or automatic air vent

12 Quart
13 Quart
15 Quart
16 Quart
17 Quart
18 Quart / 18 Liter
20 Quart
21 Quart
22 Quart
23 Quart
Discontinued Presto Pressure Cooker & Pressure Canner Models
7A, 100, 14, 304, 400, 402, 412, 60 (6-quart), 606

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